Great work for the communication agency La Fórmula. Project carried out by Diego Cabrera and Artisian Selection (Pernod Ricard).

Diego Cabrera will bring elements from exotic countries that he will incorporate into his cocktails with the aim of developing the mixology of the future. On this first trip he chose the Peruvian Amazon.

The first day of shooting was in Alcoi, we were surprised to discover the “La fábrica de las ideas” of the artist Jose Piñero, in which we were able to record the whole process of the artisan elaboration of all the crockery specially created for 5 special cocktails.

Later we recorded at Guru Salmon, chosen the best cocktail bar in Spain in 2018 and one of the 50 best bars in the world, all the creative and experimental process of Diego Cabrera to create these spectacular cocktails.

For the filming we have a luxury team, Art, Sound, Photography, MUAH and after an intense day we were able to make an exciting audiovisual piece that will serve to present Diego Cabrera during the presentations he will give in the coming months.

Once again thanks to all the team that has left the skin in this production that FOGUETE FILMS proudly presents you.

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