Photographer – Xabi Aldazábal

Xabi Aldazábal

Although my name begins with an X, I don’t have time to go incognito.

The first thing to know is that I am younger than I look.

I was born pointing north, in the Basque Country, so I carry a compass inside of me. So calm down. Give me Yoga and close the gym. And, if you want to make me happy, Spanish omelette but no onions, that’s sacrilege. And better with a kalimotxo, because with craft beers I don’t get it. Try Incubus. Or one of Wes Anderson’s, if that’s what you want, although I was brought up on those of the eighties, it’s hopeless. The best medicine, a few laughs with friends, I even have a redhead. And if ever things look dark, it doesn’t matter, because it’s the perfect colour. If there’s a racket, let it bark. Before cats, dogs. And better a rucksack than a briefcase. And a cabin rather than a new hotel. And no meat on the plate, but everything on the grill, if there is a challenge. And, with the client, respect. “He’s already in the middle of it”, says someone. someone says. And suddenly I see myself in a photo, taking away more than putting in. That “less is more”. And get me off Pinterest, I’ll get hooked on it and I won’t come back. And I start sorting out the pile of flyers, while I wait for the cashier to attend to me. But it’s not about making time. It’s those extra years that don’t show on the ID card. I’m ahead of the Old School. I’m almost retro now.

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