Mónica Mateo

As a child, she wanted to be a vet, vegetarian and having a zoo at home. There was only one thing that she liked more than animals: watching movies and learn by heart the scripts. It didn’t matter if the movies were The Exorcist, The Little Mermaid or Terminator. But of course, she always wanted to be Sarah Connor.

She started as a producer where she obtained the experience she needed to develop her own projects.

She is a horror, fantasy and sci-fi enthusiast and her short movies have been seen at movie festivals such as Leeds, Fantasporto, Imagine, Grossmann, Abertoir, Fantaspoa or Mórbido, and she has won international awards such as Buffalo Dreams, Nightmares, Boca Do Inferno or Berlin Sci-fi. 

She is methodic, creative, a hard worker and an extreme perfectionist, she gets easily involve with anything she is working on.

To her, any project (even the smallest ones) can be a GREAT project.

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