He started filming commercials from a very young age. He has worked around the world with many producers and accumulated hundreds of commercials, music videos, documentaries and films with different prizes; circumstance that has enriched him in a professional and personal way. Recently he shot the action unit of the film LOVING PABLO, based on the life of Pablo Escobar, with Penelope Cruz and Javier Barden.

Alejandro is very involved in the preparation and presentation of his treatments, believes that this is a fundamental part, and that these are discussed in meetings where the client and the agency have a clear vision of his film. For him, shooting is the most creative moment of a production, an opportunity where you can investigate and improve certain elements with a commonly agreed starting point and a solid base.

It is not classified in any genre, believes that a good professional has to have the ability to get excited about any project and always look for new ideas. What interests him most is the possibility of creating emotions and stories of real characters and being able to achieve a narrative simplicity of any idea. His latest works reflect this.

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